Voskcoin.net scam or legit

Is this a scam or is it safe? If it is safe, I will buy mining.

that is a scam, and we’ve posted many warnings VOSKCOIN NET IS A SCAM

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Dont buy ANYTHING from a website with “vosk” in the name. Hes not a retailer/reseller.

I got scammed for 50 bucks from this, I reported the site to the abuse department, and looks like they are going to suspend the site, maybe another domain will open up somewhere after some time, but it’ll take time for it to gain ranks on google again at least, got the domain taken down, almost worth the 50 bucks.

Below is email reply from porkbun:


Thank you for contacting the Porkbun Fraud and Abuse Reporting Center.

We have received your report and queued the domain for suspension in our system, pending our investigation. This process will take about 3 days to complete, including suspension propagation.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Porkbun Fraud and Abuse Reporting Center