Voskcoin Opportunities

Hey Voskcoin forum,. From what I have seen, the Voskcoin forum and YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone trying to learn more about crypto technology while being able to earn passive income. Specific crypto networks aside, the technology has the ability to do great things for the world whether it is the decentralization or the security. It just depends on how individuals, corporations, or governments want to alter the system or its viewpoint.

I am into network development and electronic hardware which are becoming a large aspect of modern society. I have built some low profile ASIC miners that I am running throughout my house and I am working on developing a public mining pool trying to grow the crypto ecosystem the best I can. I would love to go semi or fully solar to prevent the environmental impact the hardware I run has on the environment.

It would be great if Voskcoin had its own cryptocurrency or mining pool; encouraging more people to look at and share its content. Let me know if I can help be of help to anyone for anything!


Hello @CoolBuster999,
My name is Jeremias13420. I enjoy your approach and outlook to this blockchain/cryptocurrency/DeFi opportunity and interaction platform. I agree that beneficial progress will happen moving forward. I would definitely like to take you up on the offer of helping individuals learn about as much information and skills that are involved with this exciting movement. I have limited tech knowledge or skills. However, I am curious, adventuresome and receptivity trainable to a high degree. @CoolBuster999, I appreciate your time and consideration on this matter. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!

Best Wishes,