Voskcoin scammer?!?

Sorry for the clickbait.
Here’s the facts: voskcoin.net is a scam using vosk’s colors, logo, name etc.
They claim they WILL double your money in 7 days. (why do any of us have jobs, this is free money folks!)
That means if you invested $100 in 3 months you would have $409,600 (I ken maf!)
So we can agree they are a scam?
Help me take the site down.
Here’s the actions I know of you can take.

  1. Report them to their 3rd party chat client. This wont help much, but will cause them some pain. I’ve reported them twice and the first company has already dumped them. They are currently using jivo chat, I just reported them. Hopefully jivo will dump them soon
    Go to https://www.jivochat.com/ click on chat with us on bottom right and tell them voskcoin.net is a scam stealing the money of grandparents and good bois.

  1. Report them to the registrar (company that rents them the website name)
    The registrar is namecheap.com. there’s three ways to report to names cheap.
    A. Call them, they are in ireland, Here is the number #1.6613102107
    B. Email them: abuse@namecheap.com
    C. Chat with them. Go to https://www.namecheap.com/help-center/live-chat?loc=/help-center/live-chat/

Here is a sample message you could copy:

"Are you aware your service is being used by scammers?
voskcoin.net is a site posing as the best crypto mining YouTuber “voskcoin”. They stole money from my 78.254 year old Grandma, I had to help her pay her power bill. They claim they will double your money in 7 days and have over 10,000 “Investors” that they have made $650,000 for.
If you need confirmation please speak with voskcoin on twitter at https://twitter.com/VoskCoin or on discord https://discord.com/invite/SngsrKGJkg.


ape weak, Many apes stronk.

Edit 1: I imagine this is only partially logical. srry two worried if ther wilb a more tailz videos posted tomorrow to thing clerly. I wonder if shea wil bark?

Here is some more proof they are a scam. 1


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When the real Vosk posts a video, scammers are on there instantly! Their channels usually have zero content, but they attack with a complete set of fake references! They use look-alike avatars to impersonate Vosk!

voskcoin net is 100% a scam.

Hallo, I’m writing here to ask a question, I see a whatsapp number after I comment a video on youtube on voskcoin channel that say “text me”, is this vosk??

thank you

No, it’s not. Note there’s no verified check next to the name. YouTube has pretty poor security when it comes to fake accounts.

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ok thank you

Another scam

there onit anit they !!!
put some crypto aside and get an ip lawyer dude

I got taken for $200 :(((((( I literally thought it was Vosk and trusted the logos and domain and impersonation.

That sucks, man. The scammers are on Vosk’s videos within just a few minutes. There are the scammers who use Vosk’s logo and some variation of his name to direct you to whatsapp, and there are the scammers who have a chain of responses with American-sounding names and pictures that speak very highly of " Mr. ______ ______," and try to direct you to him.
I’ve been stung a couple of times too, be careful.

And this person?