VoskCoin supra track car with crypto livery coming soon!

What crypto themed livery should we wrap the VoskCoin supra track car in?


You have to do some green streaks to match your logo!

you should build one of those cars that look old and clunky, but have a beast build inside. and then put lots of bitconnect (and terra hehe) stuff on it.

Got to have tails in there somewhere!!! :wink:


VoskCoin racecar wrap design coming along!


What series are you going to run in? Gridlife? I’m looking into getting into the SCCA races around me. Aside from the Miata, and the Supra what else are you driving? This one is mine…There were only 275 of this model ever made, and I’ve got an old Subaru racing block that I am building to drop into it.:

first off I caught a glimpse of your car and thought I’d check around for a full walk around and test drive of [date=2023-09-09 timezone=“America/New_York”]your car.YouTube video

Hey vosk ,got any content on this car ?

just got a short view and thought it looked awesome. Does she have a name? I was thinking Bitty Boom! cause she has back.lol