VoskCoin x SyncroBit limited edition 1337 Helium HNT hotspot miners PRE-ORDER!


VoskCoin x SyncroBit Helium HNT hotspot miner limited edition final render

VoskCoin limited edition helium hnt hotspot miner doodle art

You can buy the VoskCoin HNT miner release here! https://voskco.in/hntvosk


What’s the shipping times?



Yes I’m in!

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One is mine, a limited edition like an NFT. Now waiting for September. My installation zone is still free!

I ordered one of these yesterday. There’s a pending charge on my credit card from Syncrobit. But I still haven’t received a receipt or order confirmation from Syncrobit. I emailed them last night, but they still haven’t responded to me. Hope I didn’t just get ripped off…

I would like one. I missed the last limited edition ASIC miner. I’m more interested in hotspots anyway. I have 2 Bobcats on order.

Any news on the syncrobit contest for those who ordered the vosk edition? Wouldnt mine if I win I dont have any helium hotspot lol

These bad boys going out soon?

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I am interested as well how do I get in?

have news about it?

No news. Canceled one hotspot already, probably going to cancel this one and one more. Ended up losing money waiting on these things.

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