VoskCoin YouTube channel -- what do you want to see next?

What can the VoskCoin YouTube channel do next that you’d enjoy, appreciate, and derive some value from?


Focus more on home mining. Mining for the average person, and reviews on new miners.

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I’ve pitched this idea before, and have since put much thought into it.
This would not a be a video paid advertisers would likely get behind, but more a video designed to be timeless and lock info in. A video about wallets, specifically CLI and GUI wallets. Starting at the beginning and working through to a Network/Today.

Bitcoin Core , has replaced BTC CLI and GUI programs , it has both built in. A BTC CLI and GUI are still available on GitHub, but might as well go with BTC Core and explain how it evolved.

Once set up, explain how a CLI works, Explain what a paper wallet is, How a user can create unlimited paper wallets, Explain how the 12 word seed phrase can restore any BTC wallet via BTC CLI, Explain how the average exchange is running a CLI for every Coin/Token they carry and how they use that program for wallet generation. Briefly touch on the Litecoin Lighting Network and how an Exchange uses it to combine all their CLI behind a mini Blockchain which allows them to have a controlling Wallet Address (Why you transfer In to Your address, but Kucoin/Binance transfers Out from Their address).

From there go onto a secondary CLI/GUI of a Coin Blockchain , to show how the CLI system is universal amongst all crypto and how the BTC CLI founded this concept.

Then set up a CLI for a token network on HiveOS (Kusama or Cardano are the easiest to understand). Explain how a Token Network CLI varies from a Coin/Blockchain CLI by being able to access numerous EVM’s as well as the token network itself. All previous CLI functions work for Token Networks, but tokens and EVM add a new layer of being able to add Smart Contracts and host them via CLI and also New Token Generation, such as Art Work NFT, Digital Data NFT’s, or just plain old fungible tokens.

Maybe touch on how DAO groups like Handle.me or minterr.io run a website, that executes CLI command to the blockchain, for their profit.


Anime review let’s go, i think a top10 underrated projects video would be cool for sure


Looking forward to your Evergreen miner review and Chia!


What about a spec mining video? that’s what a lot of us have to do now, and I think a lot of people would find a video like that useful.


Vosk me and the team would like to see you finding ways to get back into mining on a budget.