VoskCoin YouTube Gitcoin Grant for Ethereum Education

Gitcoin and their open source Ethereum platform are helping to fund some interesting projects!

We just submitted our own grant to fund more Ethereum content on VoskCoin!


My favorite part of this is how many small donations are better than few big ones.

I hope that you can show people how fun and educational Gitcoin is and that people will even make $1 donations to help raise the matched amount.


Agreed it was honestly an incredible feeling to donate less than $40 and with the Gitcoin CLR matching I basically donated $400 and those same donations can help increase other members future donations!

Sounds funny when described above, but it makes sense when you actually research their funding multiplier mechanism.

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I encourage anyone reading this to donate just $1 to the Voskcoin grant so that we can experience the CLR multiplier first hand.

If you need help, tag me.

I just found that https://badger.finance is airdropping tokens to Gitcoin donators so if you do donate to Vosk’s Grant, you’ll receive coins worth at least $30 (at current price) according to the article below.