VoskCoin YouTube JUNE 2021 Giveaway Thread!

2:21. Was hoping tails was gonna act like a cat and knock off the glass.

Just in time for my B-day!!!
Wishin myself some luck. Need me more miners! Though what I really want is my own Doge, resident shiba Inu.
Our pup was put down 3 weeks ago, sadly… But when we’re ready, we’re getting our own Doge!

I just got the HS Box from Goldshell.
Dont waste your money.
Paid over $1000 for it, and its only producing about $0 .75 a day if the conditions are right.
That may be fine for the wang chung freakin chinese, but that’s gonna take years to see an ROI.
Do I sell it, or let it ride???

10 seconds time to tail

I communicated with him about the rig, and although it was not specifically asked/addressed, I got the feeling this is NOT the case.

I ordered one of your Helium miners and I can’t wait to get it brother! Let’s goooooo!

0:01 seeing your face always brightens my day

[7:32] this sounds great. I’ve wanted to get into mining for quite some time,this would be the perfect starter tool for me. Love this channel regardless if i win or not,keep it going bro and good luck with your solar farm.