VoskCoin YouTube JUNE 2021 Giveaway Thread!

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  • Introduction
  • Rules
  • Giveaways
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  • Introduction

    All giveaways for June 2021 will be in this post which will be updated throughout the month.

    Please take part in these giveaways if you would like me to continue offering these.


    • Do not comment with your addresses in this thread, direct it to Youtube’s comments to enter


    Giveaway #1: Goldshell LB1 x VoskCoin limited edition mini miner

    The first and really exciting giveaway is one Goldshell LB1 x VoskCoin edition on behalf of Minerdude!


    Learn how to enter and win this miner valued at $1,200+ by watching the video below:

    Giveaway #2: VoskCoin limited edition Helium miner

    Those who have ordered the VoskCoin edition Helium miner (1337 units to be produced) stand a chance to win a free second miner, see video below for the details:

    Draw will occur July/August

    Giveaway #3: DIVI Masternode Giveaway

    Comment, share and post your DIVI address to stand a chance for a masternode giveaway

    Giveaway #4: 5 BNB

    Drop a comment on the Youtube video with the details:

    Winners were drawn 19 June 2021 here

    Giveaway #5: 10 MORE BNB

    Drop a comment on the Youtube video with the details:

    Winners were announced 25 June 2021:

    More giveaways

    More giveaways will be done throughout June, keep a eye on this page


    Watching now :slight_smile:


    9:37 the pictures of the Minerdude riserless miner are so sexy. I’m such a nerd lol

    Yeah Vosk! Seems like only yesterday when you did your first videos. Geez, time flies. Timing was great with the @minerdude miner. I just pieced together a 2 GPU rig and am waiting for GPU prices to re-enter the atmosphere before pulling the trigger; that said, a 12-gpu rig would be sweet. It would take longer to piece into, but hey time I have…

    If you have your rig hosted by minerdude, does he source the GPUs?

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    9:52 time stamp. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It has helped me.start mining. Keep up the good work!

    9:53, Thanks for all these videos man. I don’t mine much but I like learning about it. I ordered a helium miner that I am waiting for in the mail too.

    The best part 13:00 love the content thanks for the chance to win. https://twitter.com/mikelk808/status/1398638206183149569?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1398638206183149569|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpublish.twitter.com%2F%3Fquery%3Dhttps3A2F2Ftwitter.com2Fmikelk8082Fstatus2F1398638206183149569widget%3DTweet

    Huge fan of da BAWWS Vosk! Already commented on the YT video but wanted to post my social media shares for the bonus points! My favorite part of the video was 13:00 flat, with the 21 Jump Street clip hahaha

    Colby Gantt (not sure if you can view this)

    [2:18] Always love 10 seconds of Tails. My favorite part of the videos.

    Hi there , i am from Nepal would like to start mine journey with voskcoin

    Definitely would be great to know the answer to this question!

    Who doesn’t love giveaways… waiting… I mean they are nice and all but the best part of any video is the 10 seconds of tails @ 2:12!!

    2:10 “it’s about how many of them GPUs you can fit on that MoBo baby”. The whole video rocks! Informative as always Vosk keep it up. Quest to a Million yeah!

    10:00 tech specs and comparison of volts is always helpful as someone beginning to mine.

    2:30 love the videos

    nice but you work on your stations in the kitchen? :joy: every time such bix boxes in the kitchen my wife killing me :joy:

    Vosk, did you announce the May Giveaway Winners yet?

    13:40 Bonus codes rock, whole video rocks. Ive got the big C however mining and having something to do has helped me get better. Thanks Voskcoin!

    I was lucky enough to buy one so i will not be participating in this giveaway i hope those who also were able to buy one opt out this giveaway