VoskCoinTalk beta testing, please help us test VCT changes and new features here!

It has already been a month since VoskCoinTalk the newest and hopefully one day soon the best cryptocurrency forum! Once again it couldn’t have been done without the help of @greer. I think @owlgaurdco was the first one to drop the abbreviation, which I guess is VCT :open_mouth:

Anyway! We are hoping to continue to develop and build out the VoskCoinTalk forum, refining the design, user experience, and adding more features. This thread will be used for feedback on VoskCoinTalk, mainly around newer and experimental features or changes. To kick it off I have a small forum category adjustment I would like for you to test, can you simply navigate to this category

I have adjusted the settings so only Admins can post, and all members should be able to view the threads posted there as well as reply. The Voskcoin -> VoskCoin YouTube category is simply for publishing our YouTube videos to the forum, sort of like an upload stream.

What I need tested, is that you can no longer [create] a thread in that category.

Also after featuring VoskCoinTalk in a few recent popular VoskCoin YouTube uploads, the statistics are booming! Super cool to see and thanks to everyone who has signed up and is participating in the VoskCoinTalk forum here!

I can’t create a category after following the link or if I navigate to the You Tube category off the main forum. I can still create topics in the main VoskCoin and VoskCoin Talk categories.

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As a post script, don’t forget to edit the category title topics. A few of them still have the default text of: (Replace this first paragraph with a brief description of your new category…)

awesome thanks for testing that and letting me know.

Haha yes you are absolutely right, that has been hanging on my to-do list for a couple weeks now T_T, I really need to clean that up so VoskCoinTalk looks properly developed!