VoskCoinTalk Moderation WARNING to Mining Hardware Resellers

VoskCoinTalk community forum moderation team is being expanded and will be enforcing new rules over the community Buy Sell Trade #mining:marketplace for buying and selling ASIC miners among other cryptocurrency hardware.

The past year has shown that some ASIC resellers want to take advantage of the free to use VoskCoinTalk forum by spamming their marked-up listings, some trying to scam community members, and then some even trying to blame VoskCoin when they buy someone VoskCoin never endorsed or recommended OR EVEN DEALT WITH but they found them through the forum.

If you want purchase protection, you should be buying your miners on eBay, VoskCoinTalk moderation team hopes to find and ban all scammers, but understand CRYPTO IS NOT A REFUNDABLE CURRENCY.

FURTHERMORE, spamming and website shilling will now lead to temporary or permanent bans, here’s an example of an ASIC miner reseller who was just banned for 2 weeks for spamming his website instead of answering a forum users question on current stock and quantity of the Bitmain Antminer L7 scrypt asic miner he’s reselling.