VoskCoinTalk NEEDS YOU! Looking for forum moderators!

VoskCoinTalk is rapidly growing, which is simply awesome! The goal of VoskCoinTalk has always been to become the best cryptocurrency forum in the world, ever. This is only possible with not only an active community but also a great group of community moderators.

Criteria is simple, you need to be an active VoskCoinTalk community member of at least 60 days, have a good standing, and a brief interview to ensure the safety of our forum and community!

If you’re interested please post here, message me, or recommend someone else here just like this @greer and why you think they’d be an excellent VoskCoinTalk moderator.


Hey brother I’d for sure be interested!

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I currently moderate a PCMR facebook group and discord server. I also have a small gpu mining farm of about 350 MH on ether. I would be very interested in a moderator position.

I’d be willing to help out where I can. You also seem to have private messages to your account disabled :smiley:

Spams come hard and fast. We see it all the time over in discord. We understand how important it is to keep the riff raff out to be able to keep the community healthy and growing. I think we have even been on the front lines of reporting some shenanigans here.

@VoskCoin here is our resume

voskcoin talk
71 days visited
24 post
415 read post

We are usually on VoskCoin Talk mulitiple times a day seeing if there is any thing we can help with our 2 cents.

discord moderators
brandoncoin - mod (1 year plus)
hanacoin - mod (1 year plus)
notyournormalminer - owner

voskcoin flag has been flown proud since our YT channel start

We would love to know what day open interviews are!


I definitely second the nomination for Wes / nynm! :+1:

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If you will have me i will be willing to help.

I’m willing as well. I’ve been watching since early 2019, and have been CPU/GPU mining off and on since last year. This year I’ve been building a home ASIC farm lol. Anyhow, I have much experience moderating in the past, and I work with a lot of people now in the crypto space across many discord channels, so would be open to this if you like. I run a separate healthcare related business that allows me to invest into crytpo and mining, which puts me in a good place to take more risks to buy and try new stuff. I’d be willing to update people and make some reviews when needed.