VoskCoinTalk will begin running some advertisements to pay for the forum costs

Hey everyone :smiley:

We will be running some experimental ads through the rest of 2020 on VoskCoinTalk, and are planning to move forward with a long-term forum sponsor for 2021. Nothing too crazy, but we would like to offset all of the forum costs with a few non-intrusive ads here and there!

We are also looking for your feedback on the ads shown to you here – do you like or dislike the subject matter? Did the ad degrade your experience, if so, how? Did you enjoy the advertisement and find something that you liked from it?

Please direct all feedback to this thread!

Unless they’re REALLY obtrusive, I doubt I’ll mind. I’m pretty used to ignoring ads on sites now.

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I know I just joined the forum, however, I’m surprised you are just now adding ads to help cover the cost. Simple ads around a forum site is common now so I don’t see why anyone would be bothered by them. So long as the content that is being looked for and at is easily accessed and seen.

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Should i put my tin foil hat on now? :rofl: jk
Yea man go for it. you provide a service and you need to offset costs. No brainer :+1:

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I say, go for it. As long as they don’t tell me to send in 5 Eth to get 10 sent back. :crazy_face:

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I am fairly new to the site but hoping will stay longterm. Ads are not an issue unless they are jarring and prevent/degrade the browsing/searching experience.

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Sure why not, we get used to ads everywhere.

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Just want to say I appreciate everyone’s support in this thread :smiley:

Currently having issues getting the ads to be dynamic, so currently using a sizing that orients decent on desktop and good on mobile

Also thanks to @WoolyPooly for being our first forum sponsor! Their ad will run through the month of October 2020.