Wallets for etc?

Hi, I have recently purchased a V1 mini 300, and wish to use it on f2pool to mine ETC. Could anybody recommend a suitable wallet? Cheers

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I use Exodus - but ETC should work with pretty much everything


I don’t want to recommend a 1 off suggestion. Wallets are personal to how you want use them and what device.

If you start at Coinmarketcap.com , search out eth classic etc, go to the main website listed on CMC, dive into their info, you’ll get here. Wallets - Ethereum Classic

So rather than suggestions, those are a lot of options. Alternatively, also listed on the website, you could use an exchange to mine into the wallet they host for you. But some exchanges discourage mining directly into your exchange account wallet.

Just don’t pick one wallet and call it a night. Continue exploring. Get a back-up wallet and some other plan’s or idea’s, just incase.


Could also recommend hardware wallets, but I’m freaked out after the ledger thing haha