WALLETS For mining HNS / CKB / SIA (after Hotbit died)

I need to move my funds ASAP - What platform, wallets or other can I move my funds into since Hotbit is no longer active ?? Thank you for your time.





For CKB I use the Neuron wallet and then deposit in the Nervos DAO. I believe Vosk did a video about it awhile ago, search his channel. Don’t have any HNS or SIA. Remember not your keys …

Get your self a hard wallet any other are garbage not your keys not your coin.

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Politely and kindly,

This is about me personally not attacking anyone else.

I have such going on, and in remembering physical items, I am NOT a bank, I will lose electronic codes all the time I don’t use keys that if I lose them they are wiped forever, that’s just stupid.

And even if I agree to use that crap, who do I contact when I lose my keys and need the money?

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no body.

You cant put some random crypto Alt coins in any hardware wallet… Or can you?

Certain cold wallets hold certain crypto. I use Trevor, but my cob is held currently on crypto.com. Or at least until I get a cold wallet capable of securing them. I think ledger wallets now hold ckb. You will have to check them.

SIA - Sia - Get Started

CKB - Nervos Network | Wallets

HNS - GitHub - handshake-org/hsd: Handshake Daemon & Full Node

SIA and CKB are pretty straight forward. The HNS wallet gets pretty tricky, if you ask me. HNS offers the BOB Wallet on their website (https://handshake.org/) but it is a full node client (little too big for normal needs), so I went to their GitHub and see the HSD wallet. While HSD wallet itself is a tad big also, it allows opening only the CLI client (file) as a mini non-node wallet. (they explain how to open and use the CLI only on the github webpage)

Another angle is to go to CoinMarketCap and look at each Token, on the page they list all the exchanges trading that crypto. So find one that trades all 3 (or all 6) . Just a couple guesses , MEXC.com and CoinEX might trade all 3 of those.
CMC will also list the real/official website of the crypto, which should have wallets and list of exchanges they trade on.


100% spot on.

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Yea he’s alway spot on a great guy to lessen to in here


I have no clue what any of that means.

Most exchanges do not allow Investors from USA to sign up for, and many others are scams so I see nothing spot on here.

You asked for wallets. @Kadiyania gave you wallets. He also said/ listed where you can look for good exchanges that are safe.

And in your topic question you asked “What platform, wallets or other can I move my funds into”. You never specified what country you lived in and you asked for a wallets, which Kadiyania gave you.

So all the information is spot on. And if you don’t like the responses, you can look for help else where.

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This guy thinks everyone has it out for him lol. Dont have to be a bank to use a freaking usb drive lol.


You don’t contact anybody. You are your own custodian. If you cant handle that, you shouldn’t be in crypto.