Wanna buy a miner

im new in this space, ive been in crypto for over year and wanna mine btc and eth, I am really confused on which miner to buy and how to set it up, I have solar panels in my house so it’ll be pretty cheap to mine.
any suggestions?
thanks in advance

My personal opinion (I am sure everyone will have a different solution) would be to buy an Antminer L7 (BTC) miner in November when they are released. This ASIC miner is equivalent to 39 Nvidia 3080 video cards to give you an idea of its power (9500MH/s). ETH mining is a bit more problematic as ASIC only works on ETH version 1 which is going away. Nobody is sure of when but many think about 1 year. So the best miner for ETH that is available is the Antminer Pro S19 6g 110TH. They are about $22k. Buy on Ebay/Amazon. There are too many scam sites selling ASIC miners. You will need 220 AC outlets for these. They are also extremely loud (76 db). The absolute best for ETH is Antminer E9 but they are not available. I have seen some offered for 50K but I don’t trust those sources…

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