Want to start mining, where is best to start?

I am willing to drop up to 15k to get started but thus far have only been mining hnt. Which coin would you recommend starting with at home and what rig? I have a garage to set up for asic.
Thanks for your feedback ahead of time!

Definitely would recommend going with Bitcoin. You’d be able to get an Antminer S19j pro direct from Bitmain at this price and would net you roughly 30$ a day.

If you’re considering altcoins, you’d be able to get a Goldshell CK5 and LT5/HS5 which would net about 45$ a day.

I’d determine which project you’re interested in before buying. If you want to know profitability check out the link below.

Thanks! I have been using the profitability site to better dial in my search. With BTC I have talked to people that have shown me returns of .007 shares per day mining. How would they be able to reach that level? It’s about $4-500 every day.

They probably have multiple miners and a lot more capital invested.

I only have a CK box and a mini doge. It’s what I can afford, plus they are quiet and I can put them in the living room.

Is buying from bitmain relatively safe? Thinking of buying a few in a month

Bitmain is the manufacturer. Probably the safest you can get. Make sure you have the correct website though.

Remember that there is a 25% tariff fee.

Hey Deadhead, I have the same…a minidoge and a ck box. I am looking to buy more, but also not have a crazy roi or fomo into anything. I am using litecoin pool for my minidoge and dxpool for my ck. Any suggestions or tips you have to offer is appreciated. Thanks

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I really wanted a KD Box when the daily profit was like 5$ a day and it cost 1199. I really think kda, ckb and Bitcoin are the most intriguing options. I’m also waiting for some bobcats to mine helium (bought in August, most likely March next year).

I’m waiting for the mini doge, and I’m not sure what pool to use for that. I use f2pool for my CK box and I’m averaging 127-146 ckb/day.

I may mine doge/LTC and swap to Bitcoin. I’m holding ckb and will probably stake in Nervos DAO


What is you daily average return for each? Thanks in advance

I have a rak v2. Getting about 1hnt per day in my area and my transmit scale is at .42 due to overcrowded area. I am looking to buy about 10 more hnt miners but gonna have to wait for arrivals. I missed the mntd drop, couldn’t get through. Hnt is really profitable and easy.

I’ve had my ck for just over 6 days and I am getting between 127-135 on dx pool. I may switch after 2 weeks and do a comparison with another pool. I use litecoin pool for my minidoge, it only pays out in ltc. It takes what you would earn in doge and just adds it as ltc for your payout.

Everything is sold out right now on the goldshell website along with most others. I also was led to a fake website when I went to the bitmain website. Good thing a friend of mine sent me the link Vosk coin used himself and posted in the link description. Furthermore, ebay has a lot of miners. Butt they want high prices for scrypt asics running @ 1.6TH some even as high as 20,000.

How can I expect to make a fast roi using these methods ? Best thing to do? I’m searching the website daily. I want the L7