Wanting to purchase a bobcat miner but am having trouble figuring out the ROI for my area

Would there be anyone who could help with giving me some insight on this, I think my house would be good bc there isn’t another hotspot less than 900 meters to me. Also there is 5 hotspots that would be within reach easily and I more outside the 900m range. I want to know how much hnt I could mine per day with that setup. Could anyone help me?

Depends on how many HNT miners your bobcat miner can witness.

And if you want to work that one out, I’m pretty sure via Google you can search for HNT mining calculator so that you can work how much you earn from the witness you can potentially make from.

That you can roughly work out how much you could earn monthly or weekly etc as to give you an idea of your ROI.

Soooooo many variables. But Voskcoin has a couple of videos on HNT miners. Buyers guide, ROI guide, and others.