Wanting to start a group buy for a 1MW shipping container with cheap hosting included

This will be located in Washington state, technical support available on site for a tiny fee which I think is worth the price, or else we will have to pay someone to come on site and manage it. I propose that the buy in price is based on reserving your own Kwh capacity, and I want to reserve 60kwh for myself (maybe purchase in lots of 4kw?). First in best dressed. Then might have an additional legal fee to make sure everything is setup and fair so no one can get stitched up. This is only available until they’re all sold out, and I dont want to miss this, i feel like this is my last shot to get set up for the bull run as It takes everyone forever to do anything. The container is expected to be online July 2024. we will have to pay a 5% deposit to reserve our spot, then 4 weeks to pay the full amount. Serious enquiries only. Will cost $400/kw without including any legal fees we might need (example if it costs $10k in legal it would be $410/kw). Anyone seriously interested I will send you a PDF with all details and start a private discord chat where we can discuss. Anyone that holds up payments to get this started I will just boot from the project because Im not missing out. Anyone whos read the shit I dribble on this forum knows how much I hate paying for power and I think this is a very fair price. Cheers


you should talk to @badgerlandcrypto if you are really needing that much space.

Nar thought I had a good deal going but probs too good to be true

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What’s the mining container design?

Can you DM me the details? @ShredZ