Was Kaspa Mining actually worth it? over $40,000 in KAS miners deployed on the VoskCoi mining farm

Kaspa mining has become very popular over the last year, and the most profitable mining rigs were earning hundreds of dollars per day per ASIC miner, which compared to Bitcoin miners, which were only earning maybe $10 per day before you paid the electricity bill. I have spent a lot of time and money mining the Kaspa cryptocurrency over the last year, and here’s how that passive income endeavor went… full story on the VoskCoin Medium blog, also we are hoping to deploy our new blog 2.0 through Ghost by end of Q1!


Just getting into kaspa mining, I have 2 ks2’s and 2 ks3m’s

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how has your kaspa mining experience been so far?

Not to bad, it has definitely been a reduction in earnings, but that’s to be expected. All my miners are stock no overclocking. I fell the the real profitability will unfold during this next upcoming bull cycle.