Was this $1,300 Crypto Mining Rig a GOOD BUY?! EASY MONEY? SC200 Review

Everyone wants to make easy money, so what about this $1,300 crypto mining rig that you’re supposed to just plug into the wall and earn passive income mining cryptocurrency with it? Sc200 miner Review! Sub to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

$1,300 for a crypto mining rig might seem like a lot of money, or maybe it is chump change to you, for me it is simple, if this crypto mining rig makes a lot of money then it is valuable and I’ll pay any price for it as long as I will make more money than I paid for it! Epic Blockchain recently released the SC200 which is now the BEST crypto miner for Siacoin. The SC200 is a better and more efficient mining rig than the Obelisk SC1 and Obelisk SC1 slim and obviously better than the Innosilicon S11 and Bitmain Antminer A3. Let’s review the SC200 which is a $1,300 crypto mining rig that mines coins 24/7 basically earning you money all day, every day, even when you are sleeping! However, you still have to pay an electric bill, so let’s review the true mining profitability of this mining rig and if YOU should buy a crypto mining rig to earn passive income with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency!

The best Siacoin mining rig by Epic Blockchain - http://voskco.in/sc200
Quick setup guide for the Epic Blockchain sc200 miner - http://voskco.in/200sc
Convert SIA siacoin to USD easy with Coingecko - http://voskco.in/siausd
CryptoCompare mining profitability calculator - http://voskco.in/30eU

00:00 Intro to the $1,300 crypto mining rig the Epic Blockchain SC200
01:36 How much does the best Siacoin ASIC miner the SC200 cost?
03:25 AAX a digital asset exchange and video sponsor!
05:25 History of SIA Siacoin Blake2b GPU mining to Obelisk ASIC miners
07:21 How many coins am I mining and how I turn altcoins into Bitcoin EASY
08:57 Setting up the Epic Blockchain SC200 Siacoin ASIC miner
11:14 Crypto mining rig profitability and how much passive income money earned
13:00 Should you buy a crypto mining rig to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, is the SC200 the best mining rig to buy?

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Epic Blockchain SC200 Siacoin SIA ASIC miner
SC200 Siacoin ASIC Miner by Epic Blockchain by Drew Vosk, on Flickr

I am not trying to spam you vosk but I have been trying to sell this rig for some time it really is a great deal usually making about 0.01296069 ethereum a day. I would like to upgrade and purchased a Z15 this would go along way to pay it back. Just thought maybe some of your fans might be interested. ETSY MINING RIG

there’s a buy sell trade section in the VoskCoin Discord server you could list it there also

Hey buddy thank I will its too bad my sales over at etsy yet I do offer free shipping.

I can’t seem to log in vosk im being blocked from registering for the discord server.

You’re only blocked if you’ve been banned or are using an expired invite link - http://voskco.in/discord