Watercooling asic waterblocks

What are the biggest problems with ASIC mining? The noise and the heat management. Kind of hard to mine bitcoin when neither you nor your family wants to deal with 70+ decibels of noise constantly. Water cooling helps with that. Watercooling also makes it possible to overclock since the cooling is more efficient than the traditional high-power fan air-cooling. Having lower temps means higher overclocks and more silicon life. Sure immersion cooling exists but it’s messy its coolants are complicated hard to manage lots of them are not as thermally conductive as water and if they’re even close to it the coolant is very expensive. The s19 Hydro is proof of when you have good cooling you can get higher clocks. Once the heatsinks are removed my design takes advantage of the holes in the hash boards and all you need is to add Kryonaut thermal paste if a different thermal paste is used then the water cooling performance will either go down or up you put the water block on and when they are all connected you put the hash boards back in there will be 2 sides with pipes, when you buy the water blocks you also get a splitter that makes it go from one pipe to all the smaller pipes. With the big pipes, you connect a pipe that leads to both sides of a car radiator since they are able to cool massive amounts of heat and you don’t need to have the fans on max rpm unlike the stock sj19 pro with its 4 delta fans and the l3s 2 delta fans. The pupe also makes it possible for you to connect it to a dry cooler which is really just a large radiator. Either way, it enables homeowners with HOA to have fans that aren’t loud enough to care about and are on par with normal sounds coming from homes. And even if you don’t care about the noise with the water blocks and new OC software for s19j pro you can get 220% out of your miner. Which even factoring in the extra power water-cooling your s19j pro is essential if you wanna make your money back quicker and buy more miners since immersion cooling is good but the liquid isn’t good with thermal conductivity.

so what do you guys think, once I get a fabricator ready ill release the website since selling them on places like amazon and eBay makes things more expensive for me then it’ll go down to the consumer. other designs coming for t17 and s17 and s9’s soon