Wattum (legit ou not?)


Does anyone know if Wattum is a legit business? I was about to buy 10 ASICS s19 from them at a reasonable price, but I read a post today that exposed them. If anyone had an experience with them, share with me, please.

WATTUM "Largest cloud mining company on the market" OH RILLY? (link that I read)

I would also like to know if wattum is legit ?
Has anyone bought from them
Would like to buy some miners but can’t find any
Information from anyone thanks

Keep in mind that thread was from 2018. I researched them and also met with their sales team. They seem legit to me but I decided to go with Compass. The hosting costs with Wattum seemed too excessive to me.

My Compass miners are not scheduled to be online yet. I will be glad to provide feedback when they are.

Yes please compass is out of stock and wattum looks to generic so I cant get over them looking scamish
Thanks for your input