We Bought 100 ACRES to Build a BITCOIN MINING FARM powered by SOLAR PANELS

We manufacture Solar, Wind, Battery, Fuel Cell and Battery Management products as well as Fuel Cell powered lighting Products at 50%-70% of what Elon Musk offers and we make them here in the USA. If you want to save some money we would be happy to work with you to develop some products you can market to your followers to power their mining operations. We have a wind generator that only needs one MPH of wind to generate power. You can reach me at 1-904-859-0939 or d@11x21.com

I have been looking for spiral DC turbines that can be connected to solar inverter. If you have such turbines, I would love to be your client.

PS. One mistake I made was to buy solar inverter instead of hybrid inverter for both solar and wind energy. Wind energy would have been perfect addition to solar but I thought batteries would do the job but because of long and dark winters in Arctic area wind would have been the way to go. I will probably buy another hybrid inverter but my strategy is to max up my solar inverter surplus capacity with DC turbines first.

By the way, one thing I have been thinking is this: do we really need inverters? It’s the most expensive single part in solar system and also causes energy loss.

Let me explain the initial facts why I have begun to wonder this: solar panels give DC output and crypto miners want DC input.

Current default solar mining setup is the following: Solar panel produces DC, inverter translates DC to AC (= energy loss), power supply unit translates AC to DC (= energy loss) in order to feed crypto miner with DC.

Ideal solar mining setup would be the following: Solar panel feeds DC to crypto miner that eats DC.

I think it would be possible to build a rack that turns chips on and off based on available currency. This would lower down both initial costs and running costs, the setup easily scales in size, and is also affordable since it would also make off-grid mining a very appealing scenario.

Summa summarum: “The best part is no part.” (Elon Musk)

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im new to this, but this is what i wanna do when i go back to kenya. voskcoin with your guidance i believe i can accomplish my dream in mining. keep up the good work

I have a small solar power plant here in the mid-western of Brazil. I have been using for a couple of years, and now I´m planning to use for mining and them expand the power plant. How can I contact you? I know nothing about this details that you write above.

Solar expert here if you got any questions.

Just something I have noticed, you often say “at residential rates” just so you know it may appear commercial rates are less but almost everywhere has “demand factor” or demand* costs. The rate you will pay per kw of demand at the highest point of usage in a month. It can add anywhere from fractions of pennies per kwh to $.10 per kwh or more. It’s usually expressed in dollars per kw of demand

Luckily mining is a very stable kwh so you can easily calculate it, unlike a factory Or building with a/c, if those all come on at once you can be talking hundreds more per month for nothing but the ability to pull that amount from the grid. It’s one of the highest costs and closely watched by a good factory tech or what not. Never start all your motors at once!
Anyways you may be miss calculating if you don’t apply demand charge. It can double your rate in some areas.


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Hello. Would you be interested in being a paid consultant for a project. Located in western PA. THANK YOU

Hi Vosk. I am doing same in Australia. We installed a 100kw solar array 2 years ago. I got into crypto in 2017 and bought l3s d3s s9s baikal giant+ and baikal x10s. All were profitable but over time dwindled to the point that they weren’t. So I turned them off as I didn’t have solar then until 2019. I’m now running 5xL3 and 3 gpus. Solar is a side income but now using solar to run miners too. Been mining again for last 2 months as it’s now profitable again. Looking to buy more but I’ve watched miners become unprofitable over time. But that hasn’t deterred me just have to reprioritise machines that are profitable. Feel free to contact me re our solar. We run 306x325w panels feeding 3x33kw inverters. The electrical upgrades were significant. I’m now looking to do a 500kw array and run more miners. Don’t make the mistake I did of running an airconditioner to keep the miners cool in hot summers. Condensation gathered on the miners and killed half of them over a 6 month period. As long as you have good airflow they will stay cool but you really do need a hot and cold side with filtration and lots of airflow.

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My current plan… I currently have a 10kwh array which is not enough power to do off-grid mining so the system has been grid-tied. This system will continue to be run.
I am now adding a 30kwh Array off-grid that will be dedicated to mining. I am adding this setup to my 40’ foot shipping container where the container actually ends up being the base for the mounting of the panels and will contain all electrical, batteries and the miners.
I priced it all out and the full project will come in at 46k (battery bank is $20k of this cost) + the cost of miners. There are then 2 ways to move forward, run miners 24x7 (with batteries) or run 5-7x7 in good weather and turn miners on and off as wattage grows and shrinks. I will start with the later and then add the batteries in over time.
ROI with todays profits will break even in the 1st year of operation, even with the ridiculous current pricing of mining gear - which is awesome!!!
Has anyone else planned out a full system cost, profits and ROI?


Just joined this group. I’m looking to lockup 30+MW hydro and or solar at a low price.

I’m curious to know what setup (miners) and other equipment you chose and where you found it.

Why did you choose to go container vs a hard structure or building?

YES. I keep searching for DC powered ASIC miners for immersion and there are none so far. Imagine they would cost less without the power transformers, fans… not to mention the power and heat savings. Anybody want to start a business with me doing this? info@shinemint.com

2 primary reasons. 1) 100% self-contained 2) deployable and moveable to any location and nearly permit free.

Building my prototype 1 now, then version 2 - then I will have the kit for sale 100% of all needed materials included with IKEA like instructions for assembly.

Break even in 1-2 years depending on market conditions! 10-20 year warranty - still working out details.

Which games do you don’t you like??

Prototype is nearly complete! There is a usable 6,816 watts per hour 24x7 from 72 540w bifacial panels. All mounted on top of a 40’ shipping container.

Currently only have half the panels but when the rest ship I expect to hit the number above for 3 of 4 seasons on average.

I decided not to sell the plans/kit but to open source it all to hopefully further drive smaller miners and to keep mining as distributed as possible.

Generates 36.35kw per hour in direct sunlight and stores excess power in 220ah server rack trophy batteries for powering miners when the sun is not out.

Setup is expandable to 109kw per hour in direct sunlight or 20,448 watts per hour 24x7.

More to come soon, along with links to GitHub and Google docs.

Hey mate I am in the same boat as you, 40kwh solar about to get installed with 30kwh battery backup. though my container was a flat pack build on site container which is only 4 X 2 that I can pick up and move with my fork lift tractor. what was your total battery backup storage in kwh? cheers

8 Trophy 220amp 51.2v 11,264wh ea - 90,112 total. Only have half of those right now though while waiting for panels to ship….

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Here are some early pictures of the Solar Mining Farm Build out!

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These were the design goals:

Another design goal that I failed to mention is that the entire “kit” is bolted together - no welding required — It was intended to be a Giant IKEA kit! Everything would arrive in the shipping container with directions to assemble. I decided not to productize the kit and will open source the design. The 6 brackets for the vertical 3" Schedule 40 Pipe are the only part that needs to be welded. I may just weld a bunch of those and have them available for those that need them and just want to buy them. Everything else is off the shelf!

Man nice work looks amazing keep it up but just looking at pictures if your venting that container with those small 4 vents I’d think about upgrade to bigger ones specially if you don’t plan on doing a hot cold wall

Thanks, I have a hot cold wall in my current Powered Mining Farm but I am running 400amps in that one. There is a lot a heat and the Hot/Cold wall was required.
I think with Solar, we will be running many energy efficient miners mostly to maximize how many miners you can run with the power that is available. The more the miners consumes in energy the more heat that needs to be dissipated. I calculated that out the heat that should be generated at full use. The fans have enough CFM to dispel the heat and the 4 intakes are currently large enough to provide that air flow.
I will add the hot cold isle if cooling is not sufficient. It is in the design, but I did not build it yet. (it’s cool here now so that is pushed out to Spring development)

The Trophy batteries operating range are slightly different than the average Miner operating range. I will need to decide if batteries go on the hot or cold side. Trophy batteries have integrated heaters but of course you don’t want those going on since it will waste electricity.

Right now I am hoping that without a hot/cold wall, I will land at a good balance… Testing and time will confirm.