We Bought 100 ACRES to Build a BITCOIN MINING FARM powered by SOLAR PANELS

I am SO EXCITED we closed on a 100 acre property to build a solar powered Bitcoin and crypto mining farm and also our new home to live there and manage the miners!
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The key to financial freedom is multiple streams of income and passive income is what has always interested me the most. I became obsessed with bitcoin mining, ethereum mining, and just crypto mining in 2017 because you were able to take hardware and turn it into income producing machines that mine 24/7 and basically start earning you cryptocurrencies and thus money while you sleep. Once you pay off a mining rig, and pay the electric bill it’s essentially a money printing machine. Solar power is a way to generate electricity endlessly yourself and instead of making electric companies rich, you pay off the solar panel investment and then you have a green Bitcoin mining farm making you green – money and coins! VoskCoin just bought a 100 acre lot with no HOA so we can build a massive solar powered Bitcoin mining farm that will also mine other cryptocurrencies. The entire process will be planned, documented, and shared right here on the VoskCoin YouTube channel so please subscribe and join us on this CRAZY crypto journey!

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00:00 VoskCoin bought 100 acres to build a solar Bitcoin mining farm!
01:49 What happened to the 50 acre lot?
02:39 Country vs Suburban living
03:32 A brief VoskCoin mining history
05:54 How I started mining Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
08:20 Plans for the solar Bitcoin crypto mining farm
11:25 Future of the VoskCoin mining farm!
13:10 Join the community, and watch out for scammers!

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Drew Vosk VoskCoin bought 100 acres to build a solar powered Bitcoin mining farm


This is exactly what I’m planning to do. I can hardly wait for an update


Sounds good. We settle on 8 acres not too far from you next month. We’ll have outbuildings, Comcast, and 2 electric services in place. I hope to get 10kw or whatever the max is in my residential area. I checked my deed restrictions / HOA and despite it being $1M estates I didn’t see any limits on solar. So here we go.

I have been using solar for over 7 years. It is not just for mining. I am air-conditioning my house and garage using solar. A total of over 3200 sq. ft. AND in southern AZ where it gets really HOT!. Not a grid-tie system, a fully off-grid system. I can recommend where to buy the best for the least. How to be realistic and tamper down some wild expectations. What I learned and what mistakes I made then built stronger from those mistakes. I know control systems, so I built a 2-axis tracking system for all my arrays. This adds about 40% overall more power than stationary and well worth it. Let me know if interested. I am getting ready to launch my youtube channel that is a unique look at solar. It is all about the controls and how to be very efficient and squeeze every watt out of the available sun. I can provide you an exchange of knowledge for help in the promotion of my site. My site is not about crypto, but controls in solar, so we would not compte.



I live in Northern California and the average cost per kWh is ~$0.31 kW. I went solar in 2018 and added additional panels in 2020. I am grid tied and have a 1 to 1 ratio. I do some mining at home. I tried to scale up in 2020, but the true up bill was getting exceedingly high. So, I had to sell some units. I have been selling residential solar for almost a year now. I am trying to work on a commercial project as well. The problem with commercial projects is that they are hard to finance and usually need to be larger than 100kW for a company to look at giving you a bid for. If you are wanting to finance, I know of a company in Los Angeles that handles capital finance for commercial solar. Another thing to check is what your utility company’s net meter program is. Most likely you will want to be grid tied. Batteries are not where they need to be yet for a large-scale project.

I watched the video on YouTube and here is my input. I currently have Solar Panels and One Tesla battery…
I have my own journey in which the last five months have been an eye opener.
*cell phone mining (feb)
*iPad mining (feb/mar)
*CPU mining on an HP 23 pavilion with a AMD A4-5300 APU (feb/mar)
*CPU mining on an HP Desktop i3-9100 8gb+1tb+256gb sad (mar/apr)
*Omen 30L HP pre build to my specs… **•**20C1 Cycle AV (April+)
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3090 (24 GB GDDR6X dedicated)WD Black 2 TB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC M.2 SSD2 TB 7200 rpm SATA HDD
HyperX® 64 GB DDR4-3200 XMP RGB SDRAM (4 x 16 GB)Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX 201 (2x2) and Bluetooth® 5 combo
Intel® Core™ i9-10900K W/Liquid Cooling(3.7 GHz up to 5.3 GHz, 20 MB L3 cache, 10 cores)
*I BUY (Pre-Build)
i7-9700 F
1tb had
500 sad
ASROCK Mother board (type unk)
Nebra in route…
collectively these are draining my Tesla Battery.
I also have two refers, and a NUBE water generator.
My Greenhouse is independent but… I figured out how to make all of this work! You said that you would like to talk to someone that is mining and their experience… I have a solution.

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Yes I am new to mining, but I am not new to buying. My plan is to consolidate the two CPU/GPU pre builds and build one rig as I realize that the 30L pre build buy it self can produce major results. It alone has paid for itself, the nebra, and the I buy. Everything else was laying around. If any of you OG miners have any suggestions I would like to hear them on consolidation. Vosk… I have a solid “green” plan for mining CPU/GPU/ASIC and a whole new way :telephone_receiver:

@VoskCoin Find a way to incorporate wind power (turbines) or in some cases to those who have access (water turbines) via streams …to feed the batteries additionally to solar, and you will have a back-up to the back up.

Interested in learning about solar. Southern California here. Need to find a company to do roof and solar and hook up a back garage soon.

Keep me informed on your channel. Do you do solar professionally?

Hey bro, you requested solar farm miners to ping you. I have a farm where I mine cryptocurrencies using solar energy and use surplus heat for heating my home which I’m building. I love your content and have learned a lot from you. It would be great to join our forces. :muscle:

By the way, since winters are quite dark especially here in Scandinavia, I have been looking into wind power which probably will be soon quite feasible when it comes to modular and scalable solutions. Also nights would be nice to cover with self-produced electricity instead of buying it.

I have a company that installed mine inVentura. And I have a Tesla Battery.

I bought 5 acres directly between and neighboring to one of the largest solar and wind projects in CA. Looking for serious investors (@VoskCoin) to partner with to leverage the unused free energy from both projects (CA & AZ do not purchase all and without storage much of the energy goes unused) and the cheap DC current.

Super awesome Vosk, I am excited to see how this builds out. Thank you for all your amazing videos which has helped me get started mining a bit with my gaming PCs.

We manufacture Solar, Wind, Battery, Fuel Cell and Battery Management products as well as Fuel Cell powered lighting Products at 50%-70% of what Elon Musk offers and we make them here in the USA. If you want to save some money we would be happy to work with you to develop some products you can market to your followers to power their mining operations. We have a wind generator that only needs one MPH of wind to generate power. You can reach me at 1-904-859-0939 or d@11x21.com

I have been looking for spiral DC turbines that can be connected to solar inverter. If you have such turbines, I would love to be your client.

PS. One mistake I made was to buy solar inverter instead of hybrid inverter for both solar and wind energy. Wind energy would have been perfect addition to solar but I thought batteries would do the job but because of long and dark winters in Arctic area wind would have been the way to go. I will probably buy another hybrid inverter but my strategy is to max up my solar inverter surplus capacity with DC turbines first.

By the way, one thing I have been thinking is this: do we really need inverters? It’s the most expensive single part in solar system and also causes energy loss.

Let me explain the initial facts why I have begun to wonder this: solar panels give DC output and crypto miners want DC input.

Current default solar mining setup is the following: Solar panel produces DC, inverter translates DC to AC (= energy loss), power supply unit translates AC to DC (= energy loss) in order to feed crypto miner with DC.

Ideal solar mining setup would be the following: Solar panel feeds DC to crypto miner that eats DC.

I think it would be possible to build a rack that turns chips on and off based on available currency. This would lower down both initial costs and running costs, the setup easily scales in size, and is also affordable since it would also make off-grid mining a very appealing scenario.

Summa summarum: “The best part is no part.” (Elon Musk)

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im new to this, but this is what i wanna do when i go back to kenya. voskcoin with your guidance i believe i can accomplish my dream in mining. keep up the good work

I have a small solar power plant here in the mid-western of Brazil. I have been using for a couple of years, and now I´m planning to use for mining and them expand the power plant. How can I contact you? I know nothing about this details that you write above.

Solar expert here if you got any questions.

Just something I have noticed, you often say “at residential rates” just so you know it may appear commercial rates are less but almost everywhere has “demand factor” or demand* costs. The rate you will pay per kw of demand at the highest point of usage in a month. It can add anywhere from fractions of pennies per kwh to $.10 per kwh or more. It’s usually expressed in dollars per kw of demand

Luckily mining is a very stable kwh so you can easily calculate it, unlike a factory Or building with a/c, if those all come on at once you can be talking hundreds more per month for nothing but the ability to pull that amount from the grid. It’s one of the highest costs and closely watched by a good factory tech or what not. Never start all your motors at once!
Anyways you may be miss calculating if you don’t apply demand charge. It can double your rate in some areas.


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Hello. Would you be interested in being a paid consultant for a project. Located in western PA. THANK YOU