We Bought 100 ACRES to Build a BITCOIN MINING FARM powered by SOLAR PANELS

Hi Vosk. I am doing same in Australia. We installed a 100kw solar array 2 years ago. I got into crypto in 2017 and bought l3s d3s s9s baikal giant+ and baikal x10s. All were profitable but over time dwindled to the point that they weren’t. So I turned them off as I didn’t have solar then until 2019. I’m now running 5xL3 and 3 gpus. Solar is a side income but now using solar to run miners too. Been mining again for last 2 months as it’s now profitable again. Looking to buy more but I’ve watched miners become unprofitable over time. But that hasn’t deterred me just have to reprioritise machines that are profitable. Feel free to contact me re our solar. We run 306x325w panels feeding 3x33kw inverters. The electrical upgrades were significant. I’m now looking to do a 500kw array and run more miners. Don’t make the mistake I did of running an airconditioner to keep the miners cool in hot summers. Condensation gathered on the miners and killed half of them over a 6 month period. As long as you have good airflow they will stay cool but you really do need a hot and cold side with filtration and lots of airflow.