We should build more Bitcoin Nodes! Make Bitcoin Great Again!

I believe in Bitcoin and its technology I think its important not only to mine Bitcoin but to also provide strength to the Bitcoin pool and network so that everything can go smother and faster and have more security too!

I now want to build not only a Bitcoin farm but a Node farm to help the Bitcoin network!

This is pretty neat!

Also in case you are wondering if there is a way to build Node for cheap, I saw you can build on Youtube using a Raspberry pi 2.

Also where to buy Raspberry Pis for cheap.




there doesn’t appear to be profit in doing so

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Well maybe in states and countries that have high energy costs but there are still some gold nuggets around the world that still have cheap electricity… What isn’t profitable is because certainly it depends on where you want to mind! And remember mining is often done with like minded people and with a lot of passion!

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hosting a bitcoin node is part security on your part, and part just helping the network just to help the network. it costs nearly nothing after the initial parts (if you buy specialized equipment) or nothing if you use an old pc. your cost will be electricity and internet which wont be much. and you help keep the most important crypto ecosystem alive.


I run one on a raspberry pi. Just seems like a good thing to do to support the network. (Fun afternoon project too)


One problem with running a node for residential folks is that many residential ISP have a monthly data cap still. This can lead to unexpected charges for those who operate a node at home. I do not agree with these data caps but it is a problem that is limiting the adoption of these type of things. To expand or perhaps clarify another’s point about no profit in it is that simply running a node has no direct rewards so the incentive is only there for those who have a use case for operating their own node. I personally would consider running a node still despite the absence of direct rewards were it not for the data caps my ISP puts on me.


I am another

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We use to have cox cable which was expensive at home and had data caps but now we have Frontier internet which is cheaper and faster with internet speeds 500Mbps both up and down and has unlimited data! Also the only downside is that you have them check to see if there is coverage in your area! Also the installation is incredible that its a small fiberoptic cable doing all the work! I also have Starlink too like Voskcoin and it has unlimited Data and no caps plus not bad download speeds 200-300Mbps down and 15-30 Mps up!

Frontier Internet

I’ve I have been toying around with the idea of running a node for the shear geek factor.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a lightning node, it’s seems to be an intensive process that requires more interaction than the little money made. I really don’t have the funds to through a few bitcoin at it to make it viable.

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Lightning node is interest too but I am not sure if it also functions as a full node but they are interesting means of generating BTC though from research require a fair bit of active work and require and investment of BTC.

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If you can help to support the BTC network then its worth it! Even if it is just a few nodes you are contributing to build a better future for BTC. I am currently going to test out to see if I can run two BTC node clients off a Dell Thin client with 8GB ram and e64gb storage with AMD cpu and its fanless and have the node run off an external USB drive! I bought a Dell thin client on eBay for very cheap $59 and think it would be fun to try and see if I can install Xubuntu linux on a Thin client! I will let you know how it goes!

How to run multiple bitcoin nodes on one server.
wallet - how to run multiple bitcoind node on one server? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange.

I just installed two nodes running on this low power and cheap computer running Xubuntu 16.04 and virtualbox running the same Xubuntu again and then running another node server so far its been stable and no crashes yet!

This is the exact type of computer I used Dell Wyse N07D 5060 Thin Client AMD GX-424CC 2.4GHz 8GB RAM 64GB SATA FLASH -AC. You can get these refurbished for cheap on line like on eBay!