Weird Goldshell email

I just found an email in my spam folder from Goldshell support that came a few days ago. I placed an order this past week with the last drop and it shows my order is processing, I also received the invoice from Goldshell for my order and everything looks like my payment went through. The email says “Your request (4****) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff” I never placed a ticket with them for anything. The only thing I can think is that when I was placing an order I had to cancel and go back in and place it again because I made a mistake, so my cancelled order still shows. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Thanks for any input or ideas!

I sent an email to Goldshell about 5 days ago with just a simple question, I received an automated response stating a similar response pertaining to support with a ticket number, but my question was not support related. I think all their communications / orders are handled with a ticket system. I ended up getting a response from customer support by email the next day and they answered my question.

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