Weird topic? //ASIC + AliExpress//

Hey all!

May I ask if there is someone who tried to buy ASIC miners from AliExpress?
Or does anyone currently use one? :slight_smile:

For Example:

I do not have 100% trust in these. Feels like itโ€™s working in the beginning, but maybe later,
the problems will appear because of the poor quality.
I do not know if I should try one.


with 25th you dont get any profit. if you wanna get profit you need to buy latest bitmain 19 pro asic you will get 52.14 USD per month profit. other asic below s19 profit going minus between -20usd, -150usd. forget btc mining if you dont have free power or 0.01usd kw/h

I actually have free power.
The only question is: are these aliexpress miners good at all?

of course is crap china. very cheap because nobody buy

you can buy bitmain s9k from official web from 100usd new with free psu if you buy more it cost less

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But they are not profitable!!!

of course profitable if you have free power

|๐Ÿ’ฐ Profit|0.00013792 BTC
1.32 EUR|0.00089641 BTC
8.59 EUR|0.00394052 BTC
37.74 EUR|
day week moth on 0eur per kwh
all asic are profitable with free power or 0.03eur per kwh

how do you get free power my friend

haha, the point is, I am not the who is paying for it.
My uncle has a big warehouse and the power what an asic miner needs is almost nothing, compared to the rest of the usage.