WenXpro Dragon Boat Festival (June 25-27, 2020)

WenXpro Announcement

WenX is excited to announce our Dragon Boat Festival special 1U Treasure Hunt campaign.

Activity details
1U Duobao winning numbers for sale
:point_right:Opening time: 09:00, June 25, 2020 (Singapore time)
:point_right:End time: 23:59, June 27, 2020 (Singapore time)
:point_right:Purchase price: 1 USDT/WENI
:point_right:Total share: 1,500 WENI
:point_right:Prizes are as follows

Rules of activity
:ballot_box_with_check:Each participating account must complete real-name authentication KYC 2
:ballot_box_with_check:Each participant needs to purchase at least 1 WENI in this event
:ballot_box_with_check:Buying within a limited time, the subscribed WENI is issued immediately

Click to participate: https://www.wenxpro.com/xo/item/WWENI-USDT-7146-20200624225926

Lottery rules
:ballot_box_with_check:Anyone who purchases a WENI can get a random winning number.
:ballot_box_with_check:Users can purchase multiple times or multiple copies at once.
:ballot_box_with_check:Only three winning numbers will be drawn out respectively, and users who hold the winning number will directly receive the prize.
:ballot_box_with_check:The event will continue on the day after the end, and WenX will use Google RNG to draw on the YouTube public live channel. https://www.google.com/searchq=random+number+picker&oq=random+number+&aqs

*Note: Relevant link content of the YouTube live channel draw will be notified in advance in the latest announcement.EbUp2Z8XQAA30ax