What about connecting BOBCAT 300 to ethernet cable instead of antenna

I live in suburban area(200k ppl) and there are 5 mines (all bobcat). There’s average income is 2HNT/month.And i am just wondering what if i connect it directly to cable becouse i have net speed 200+mgb/s or set some 24 dbi antenna wich could connect me to nearby province in wich is avg profit 10+HNT.

I have mine on Ethernet. I have run it on both however WiFi and Ethernet. Does not seem to matter which is best. The BobCat is only rated to 12Dbi output. That is also controlled by the Helium Network based on RSSI and SNR… somehow all these OTA in the last 2 weeks were direction toward POCV2

Watch this guys video on it.


Thanks for sharing. Good information.

Yes good information, thank you.