What about Titano

What do you guys think about Titano? Here is the link: https://titano.finance/
Here is their calculator: Titano Finance

How does this work? * Highest Fixed APY – 102,483%

It’s an interesting system. You automatically lose 10% of your coins when you buy them. You also lose 18% on selling. It takes right around 16 days to break even if the coin price stays the same just due to the fees.

The price has fluctuated a decent amount. It’s been as high as $0.20 and down as low as $0.08 recently.

Ultimately, as with all crypto investments, you should never put money into these systems that you are afraid to lose. Drip Network, Titano, and Vaporfi are doing well to name a few; but there are even larger amounts that are struggling or have proven to be rug pulls.

Wonderland has crashed 90% in the last 2 month with a crazy APY (80,000% APY). When the APY rebases are 10% every 5 days but the price is falling by 20% every 5 days, you end up with huge losses ($9,000 to $500) per token. So in the end, the high APY is pointless when the coin cannot stabilize.

The developer Daniele today discussed combining with Spell tokens and restructuring into Abracadabra. The APY would then change from 80,000% to around 30%. A 30% APY will be difficult to maintain in itself (payouts) but the investors who are down thousands would rather take that than their huge losses and coins that may become worthless.

What I like about Titano Finance is that they charge fees to buy and to sell and these fees are then used to fund the project and pay the APY. Wonderland does not collect fees - this was a huge mistake.

Titano finance is the first automatic staking and compounding token. Simply put holding the token in your wallet will automatically compound rewards.