What am I doing wrong with my 2nd GPU

Hey all,

Very new to this and will try to explain with out confusing in the process.

So I bought my first mining rig, set it up and all is running ok.
Please see the Mining Rig specs:
Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-H110-D3A
Processor - Intel Celeron CPU
RAM - DDR4 Crucial 8GB RAM
Power Supply 1000W EVGA PSU

Now the 1st GPU that came with this is a 3 Weeks Old Sapphire AMD Radeon RX580, works perfectly fine when being used.

However today I recently received my 2nd GPU I bought from eBay which was another Sapphire AMD Radeon RX580 (but this one is the light blue casing Special Edition.

After connecting the right VGA cables between the 2nd GPU and the PSU and also connecting the 2nd Riser to the PSU via a SATA cable, I switch the PSU on and the power cuts off literally after a second.

I panicked thinking I killed the mining rig but when I put it back to just powering with just 1x GPU, it works perfectly.

If somebody can tell me what I am doing exactly wrong and advise how I can resolve then I will highly appreciate this.

Really sorry, very new to the mining GPU nd something tells me I should of built one from scratch but wasn’t confident…guess you can call me a ‘stupid noob’/

Look forward to your suggestions and thanks again.

Don’t be sorry, we all started at some point.

  1. I have seen many issues with Risers, that are SATA powered. The SATA port isn’t rated for the power draw and can cause some serious damage to the GPU. I would get some risers with either an old MOLEX or a new PCI-e connector !
  2. can you please clarify what you mean with “VGA cables between the 2nd GPU and the PSU” ?
    the power from the PSU should go to the GPU via PCI-e either 6 or 8 pin, sometimes both.
  3. in the BIOS you have to enable the “above 4GB mining RAM” setting, I don’t have a Gigabyte board, but it should be there.
  4. try out the setup with the second GPU only and make sure the 2nd card is ok
    hope that helps

basically what @SpindlerJ said try this cable and plug directly into you PSU, not your MOBO


Thanks for the comment guys, unfortunately the real sad thing is that the whole mining rig died on me…

It was a real kick in the teeth after spending £1200 (US$1850), however I am looking to getting my money back so I am not backing off from this thief! Lesson learned and never buy a whole rig from eBay.

On the plus side I have managed to get a new one build completely fresh and nothing second hand so hopefully fingers crossed and I will back to mining ETH.

Are you able to figure out what particular component died on you?