What are L3+ Ant Miners running for now?

Hello All,

I have been away from the hardward side for a while and thinking of getting rid of my ant miners. I am unsure about current rates and just wanted to see if anyone could throw out some prices they have seen recently for these rigs?



I’m selling these for $375. You might be able to find them for $300 - $350 direct from a supplier.

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Hey that’s all I needed to know. Thanks! Might just press the off switch and chill to see what happens in a year or two. If I sell mine for that price, I might as well keep them. keep in mind I do not have a large amount of them.

Thanks badger.

Probably worthless, @5c kwh they make a whopping $10 a month

At this point…yes. Probably worthless.

I still like it for someone wanting to get started mining. My daughter has one in her room set up with her own account and loves keeping track of how ‘Pebbles’ is doing. She doesn’t realize it’s costing me ~$30/month to run it! But she has a lot of fun with it.

Your daughter has an l3 running in her bedroom… eek

Muffled so it’s not too loud. She wants to make her own mini farm so I see a few box miners in her future.