What are the most profitable asics on the market today?

Good everyone I am setting up a mining farm in Andorra and was hoping someone could advise me on which are the most profitable machines currently on the market…
We have been trying to buy the L7 machines but due to the significant increase in the price per machine after their release we have been forced to try to find less expensive but profitable equipment.

Thank you all for your time and best regards!

Check the asicminervalue.com site. This will show current profits depending on electric and also machine watt usage

Yes, I used to use this page, thank you!
I have explained myself badly, I was looking for machines that comparing machine profitability with the cost of this one can be profitable to me at less than 1 year…

all kd models…


On the top of that webpage you can click on “opportunities” and it lists the the exact information that your looking for… the price of the miner vs the profitability.


Yeah, thats a good one also u can check https://www.asicminervalue.com/ or https://whattomine.com/

Thx anyways!! we will probably buy 3-4 L7 9,16 :slight_smile:

KD5 looks great, but I didnt check whats the project behind Kadena…