What are the profitable helium miner?

Are the bobcat profitable miner or rak w2

Both depending on where you live

There was never a contest for a manufacture to have a better HNT output or online presence.

Bobcat however appears to have won that if there was a contest.

I have 3. One is for sale if anyone is looking for one new in box.

Why is it for sale if you can mine with it if I may ask ?

Had a friend that indicated he would let me put it at his house and now he thinks the gov is watching over the internet.

DO NOT even put 2 on the same IP address now. I have 2 on my home ISP and the OTA nailed one on blacklist it appears. I have no clue what I will do with that one as it will not make HNT at all. It is not in Relay and it is ping all day long, just zero HNT all day too.

I need to take that one to someone home and at least see if it can work there on a different ISP IP address.

Does any one know if you can have a cable modem as your in bound IP and build a subnet that will send out on a different IP address? I have watched alot of Richard Loyd videos and he builds some good VPN networks out of TP Link but that is not working on the out bound IP address. Both of my Bobcat are pinging back on the same IP address.

pm me or lets find a way to talk

Never heard from you… Oh, I get it … your a John Doe.