What are your experience with Compass mining?

Has anybody used Compass to host a miner?

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@VoskCoin I signed up for compass today after watching your video but then realized the minimum order size is 250 kw, which is roughly 1.8m$ worth of miners at their pricing.

Do you know of any similar services with a lower barrier of entry?

when you choose Ohio then you can order with 3kw. I have a couple of miners running and no problems.

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different farms have different requirements – adjust your selections for more options

I have been in touch via email and seems like an amazing opportunity. However, I have not been able to tell their business model and how they make money. That’s a red flag for me.

markup on mining rigs and if they send you for a farm at 9 cents they have profit baked into that as well – that’s their business model – their goal is to save you money or give opportunities, but also make money in the process.

I’ve got 2 bought awaiting Setup so I’ll keep you informed. Currently seems better buying from them and hosting with them against buying from resellers and hosting at home/business