What are your experience with Compass mining?

Has anybody used Compass to host a miner?


@VoskCoin I signed up for compass today after watching your video but then realized the minimum order size is 250 kw, which is roughly 1.8m$ worth of miners at their pricing.

Do you know of any similar services with a lower barrier of entry?

when you choose Ohio then you can order with 3kw. I have a couple of miners running and no problems.

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different farms have different requirements – adjust your selections for more options

I have been in touch via email and seems like an amazing opportunity. However, I have not been able to tell their business model and how they make money. That’s a red flag for me.

markup on mining rigs and if they send you for a farm at 9 cents they have profit baked into that as well – that’s their business model – their goal is to save you money or give opportunities, but also make money in the process.


I’ve got 2 bought awaiting Setup so I’ll keep you informed. Currently seems better buying from them and hosting with them against buying from resellers and hosting at home/business

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Hey. Thanks for all the videos. I saw your video recommending Compass Mining. I checked them out online and talked to Brad via Email. Everything looks legit but is there a way to verify? Do you have anybody that has used the service? I was looking at getting 10 minners and hosting them at one of the facilities.

Most of the discussion is from people looking at trying the service or saying they were just starting the service. I am one of those getting ready to order. Seems to fit my situation well for now. Anyone been using the service that likes or dislikes it?

Also looking at compass but seems we are all in the same spot, no one has feedback from experience.
@Pod are your miners setup and running?

So far I got a pending Antminer S19j Pro order from Compass Mining scheduled to be online by August 30th, and 2 Antminer L7 scheduled to be online by January 10th.

So I will keep on posted to share how my experience is going with them! :crossed_fingers: :grin:

Hey Sunynka- Would you be interested in selling me the 2 L7s?

I’m trying to get to my mentor Mr. Vosk’s level, if I sell my equipment I won’t get there lol

I do know that Compass stop selling them as of now, that might change later so keep refreshing their inventory.

Good luck on the endeavor and keep being diligent.

Hello, Please, plz let us know how it’s going.

I bought one Antminer S19jPro that is going online next month, and I just bought their new bundle that delivers 1 Antminer S19j per month for 12 months in 2022. Looking forward to seeing now everything works with the first one next month in anticipation of the coming year. Also, excited to find/join this forum to learn from y’all about other mining rigs/opportunities!

I should have a unit going online by the end of September. I will report my findings as well. FWIW I am not a fan of the VIP deal. If difficulty increases over the next year the ROI is extended significantly. I think you could take the 20k upfront cost and buy miners now using your earnings to continuously buy miners and come out better in the long run.

I’m getting my Antminer S19j Pro online on 08/30/2021, and both of my L7 on January 10. :crossed_fingers: :grin: