What are your import/customs fees?

Hey boys,
Just wondering what everyone has been paying for customs fees and duties when buying outside the US and shipping into the US. I see on the bitmain site that for a S19j they state there is a 2.5% tax as well 25% duties for the NY port of entry. Is this normal? Are duties still based off what the shipper declares as the value?

From my experience customs duty is based on the shippers declared value. For other reasons I can’t elaborate any further publicly.

… that and on the HS code that has to be indicated on customs documents to identify what kind of item and material it is.
AND on the tax rates of your country.
AND often it depends on good or bad luck if your item gets picked out for testing or not.

so basically Antminer S19j Pro 104TH/s 11.4k tack on another 3.1k making it 14.5k unf’n real
better off just hitting up blockfi salt etc… taking out 50-60% more btc @10% and hoping the bull run hits a hundy

I expect 30% duty/tariff from China. Sometimes it’s zero. I prefer ebay/paypal to china/cryptocurrency in terms of shopping and payment for anything I’m trying to put into mining inventory stateside. That said, I buy all the new hot sh!+ dropping from the asic manufacturers, at least if it’s profitable on the watts to dollars scale.

if its under $800 there is not duty tax

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0 if tax exempt

I bought an s19 from bitmain last week and customs charge was 27% I live in Michigan.

always zero . miami and atl. once ny

I’m new here…how does the purchasing process work? On your end, what did you have to do to ensure that it went through customs? Or did you just order and wait?

Really just order and wait. It’s up to the seller to set the import/export declared value which is what will determine taxes. I’m pending delivery for my L7 purchased from AKminer and he states lower declared value will be listed to help with the import fees. My purchase experience was good. He sent me a PO/invoice and just paid and send screenshots of my transactions going through. He sent me a confirmation and just pending shipping update now.

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Great, thanks!

I have different experience with orders from Goldshell directly shipping via DHL express. Always DHL contacted me for custom clearance and I had to give them HS code + proof of value.

But just today I received a miner that I bought from dxpool. It came through Fedex and I did not have to do anything for customs this time.

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