What are your thoughts on MXC miners like the MatchX M2 Pro miner and the NEO miner?

Do you think the MatchX M2 Pro Miner and NEO miner are profitable mining rigs or scam miners running off of miner fuel ponzinomics?

Here’s the recent VoskCoin video on the MXC NEO Miner

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Well I have 2 of these miners and each time I watch your videos I get sad. I have yet to cash out so I have 100% fuel with over 100k of coins i am praying the next bull run they go up to fuel and cash out.

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The project may have been a failure,

But the devices themselves can be repurposed to be used for the CRANKK network…

So the devices themselves may not be a total loss…

I and a lot people have problems with MXC crypto miners Matchx m2 pro and NEO controlled by MXC Foundation. Not possible to withdraw mined coins specially MXC. We are thinking of legal process, go to court. I have also canceled NEO miner.

Stay safe!