What ASIC can I buy with 2k?

I would like to start mining.
My budget is 2k. What can I do?

Is there a guice you can point me to?
I know I am a noob, but I have to start somewhere…

Thanks in advance

Hi Sun
Get your self 2 Goldshell Minidoge/ltc mining Doge coin & Litecoin at the same time and well with in your budget and profitable you can purchase from Voskcoin.

Goldshell boxes are the best bet or the ipollo g1 miner.

Contact www.asicminershub.com they have advised me when I started. Drop them whatsapp message.

They also did a discount to me when I had limited budget.

Now I have bought 4 times from them, you can pay with card or PayPal.

You can always buy a coin and wait for it to rise.

Thank you for the answer, mate.
I will give it a look.

What do you think about L3+ or X5 compared to the HS-BOX?

To me box miner are a novelty unless your going for a kd box and then I just think there are over price for the box

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I would go for 2 L3+

Those prices are high at asicminershub, you are way better off getting from goldshell or dxpool. Just make sure you’re on their actual site and not a look a like scam site.

Prices are way too high there…

Thank you all for your time guys.

Where can I buy 2 L3+ then? Any suggestion?
Are vendors on aliexpress legit?
Or do you know some vendor that have them in stock?

I wouldn’t buy any L3s if I were you especially when L7s are coming online. If I were you, I would save up more money or just buy the coin. If you are a tech savvy guy who knows how to fix miners, then buy all means you can give it a shot for fun. Otherwise, I would recommend you go different route.