What ASIC Miners to buy with High Electric Rate

Hello! I am looking for some answers for what ASIC Miners to buy with a really high electricity rate of $0.26/KWH. I am also on a low budget of under $5k if possible. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I look into crypto long term so I will be holding my coins to hopefully make a profit later on if the price of bitcoin decided to spike back up.

Hey mate I guess it depends on whether you’re trying to profit by mining now or you just want to mine knowing that you could probably buy the coin cheaper than what it takes to produce with electricity. Also depends like I’m assuming you’re in Europe? Could you justify buying a miner and ducting it into your house to heat your home over winter which would save you money + earn crypto?
26 cents at a flat rate, what about time of use plans where it’s significantly cheaper at certain times of the day/night? Most beginners on a budget if you searched here would go for a mini doge or one of the cheaper KD boxes. It’s a tough time for a lot of miners. Take a look at https://www.asicminervalue.com/ and you’ll see a list of profitable miners, and I don’t think any miners in your budget are making over $5 a day on 10 cent electric rate. Hope that helps!

KD lite is probably among your better bets as it’s just over $5000, low wattage, relatively quiet, profitable, and a lot of potential.

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Imo, you should be looking to have whatever you buy hosted somewhere with better rates. There is no reason to pay $.26/kWh when you can easily get electricity 65% cheaper elsewhere.

No miners are worth it now should all be 50% less than the are selling for. Greedy Chinese manufacturers Need some USA manufacturers to fix this problem.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The KD Lite doesn’t make enough to cover the electricity of California.

Set the rate at the bottom of the page at asicminervalue.com then see what pops.
I’d stay clear of ETH/ETC ASICs until we see what happens with those. So that pretty much only leaves the KD Lite. At that KW rate on todays rates is good for 18 cents/day. Not really enough.
I don’t think self hosting the miner is viable for you at that electric rate.
Do you have family or freinds with a better rate you could put it at? Do you have a friendly boss with better commercial rates. It’s pretty easy to put a meter or smart plug with metering on to work out how much to pay them. I have smart plugs on all miine so I can write the electric costs off my taxes based on the KW usage.
Like @AdamMoyers said - get something in a hosting provider.

It’s this the answer?
price is under 5k, daily profit USD3~4
more information Telegram: Contact @apextoasics

Today - those Jasminers are awesome. Which I’d boought one ages ago.
But what happens when 911 TH/s of ETH hashrate has to find something else to do after the merge.

They might still make something, but nothing like that. ETC can’t provide the same returns.
Right now - my ETC ASICs are the most proftable units I have. I suspect they will barely cover the power in a couple of weeks.

Don’t buy any ETC miner they will be giving them away in 2 weeks.