What Crypto Exchange can you deposit GRIN :) to from the GRIN ++ Wallet? Help

Hey Guys,

First new to the forum and this my first post. So I am sorry if this is a repeat question.

I have 2 Ipollo Mini miners mining on 2Miners and depositing into a Grin ++ Wallet. The problem is now I can not find a exchange to deposit my Grin into to convert to Bitcoin and other crypto. I have tried HotBit but it does not support the Slatepack. When I look at Kucoin it says it is down for Node Maintenance when I go to Grin Deposit.

So which exchanges work for Grin?


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Actually - I found one. Trade Ogre. Going to try it out. if there is a better one let me know.

Tradeogre. I’ve used that exchange since 2017 with no issues.
They are and have been the “miners” exchange. Largely popular for wallets to mine into. Many Cryptonight coins have been developed with TradeOgre specific characteristics and are only available/traded on TO. TradeOgre trades Coins, not pre-mined tokens (yeah they have 4 tokens now).

But the real answer to your question is to go to CoinMarketCap and look up said coin/token > scroll down the page to the list of “traded exchanges” and you will have a link to every market said coin/token is available on.


I have a question, is it more profitable to mine grin?

I have 3 ipollo G1 minis and mining mwc. It does just over 1 MWC a day. How many GRIN coins your miner does a day?

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I have 2 Ipollo minis mining Grin on 2miners and for the last 24 hours they are showing that I have mined 13.955574 Grin.

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Is it 2 miners do that in 24 hrs?

I have 6-7 Grin / Day per G1 Mini
You can deposit Grin to Gate.io or at least it has been working earlier in January :slight_smile:

yes that is 2 minis. the last 24 hour period is showing 14.718 Grin. I am tossing around the idea of getting 2 more so that I will have a total of 4.

Hello! I have a question as well. I want to use Trade Ogre but when I open my Grin ++ wallet to send my coins it does not provide a slatepack address. What can I do as this is necessary on Trade Ogre?

Your help will be appreciated!

I am sure that you must find different sites online. You have to look at all of the possibilities you could get, and I am sure that only by searching a lot will you find the platform that would be suitable for you. When it comes to sites about crypto deposits, you must choose the suitable ones for you and forget about the ones you didn’t like. I am sure you don’t have to go on forums to find sites where to put your crypto because you must find something that’s the best one for you. You can do it only by trying different options from different links you can find online.

for the Address in Trade Ogre do the following.
Go to trade ogre and click on GRIN Deposit.
it will open a new page to deposit your GRIN.
Copy - https://tradeogre.com/account/deposit/GRIN from your browser line.
Paste that in the address line and generate the slatepack.
Copy Slatepact and paste into the GRIN page on tradeorge.
Tradeorge will then generate a slatepack that you will need to paste back into the GRIN wallet.

once you do it a time or 2 it is real simple. I usually wait till I have 24 to 28 GRIN then transfer over.

hopes this help

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Check on Tradeogre and Kucoin