What Crypto to mine?

Good Afternoon

I have just watched some of your videos, may I ask you few question please?

Which coin is profitable to mine?

What hardware should I buy to mine this coin?

How can I calculate profitability of this coin?


What crypto is profitable depends on your electricity cost and the hardware that you own. There are profitability calculators at:


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Thank you very much…

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@CryptoKnight could you tell us more about what hardware you currently have, if you’re willing to buy additional hardware and if yes then what is your budget for that? What’s your electric cost?

& ultimately what’s your goal? Do you want maximum profitability, do you want to acquire X coin(s), is this more of a hobby/for fun? @greer answered above w/ good links to calculate relative mining profitability and asicminervalue has associated mining hardware with that profitability.

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Here are the replies to your questions:

What hardware do you have right now?
None, I’m planning to buy the best according to your recommendations

What’s the budget?
According to the hardware you will recommend.

What is your goal?
Maximum profitability around 100$ a day

What’s your power cost?


I’m sooooo new to this that it hurts, Ive built this 2 miner system based off of what Vosk has put out on his videos and link. I literally bought it 1 piece at a time. Where I’m living and working overseas pays for electricity so that’s great, and my cost has been about 2/3 more due to shipping, that being said I literally started with free junk desk tops to try and wrap my head around it because I’m not a computer guy… I just build stuff to try…I’m still using old stuff as a test base and figure I upgrade stuff as I get more parts…
2 gigabyte mother boards 1 old ass HP…4 RX 580’s 1 570 and a old HP just for a monitor to check over clock settings…all in, I started with about $1,500 for the first viable machine( shipping sucked), I’m getting just under $50 a month using Nice Hash and Cuda.


thats pretty effing cool bro you are inspiring me to try now lol