What cryptocurrency would you mine under different circumstances

During all of the research into crypto mining and now that we’re working on building our space out. Several thoughts had crossed my mind and a few people I have talked to has asked me these questions and I honestly don’t know the answer because I’m so focused on bitcoin. So here it goes.

What crypto would you mind giving these different financial constraints.

1.) $5,000 to invest.

2.) $10,000 to invest.

3.) $25,000 to invest.

4,) $50,000 to invest

5,) this question came up by several of my friends. So what if I don’t have money to invest but I have a $25,000 credit limit on credit cards. What would be the best return to provide the best opportunity not to lose it all. LOL

Thanks and I am super curious to hear what opinions are out there.

I’m new as well but what little I’ve researched shows Bitcoin is harder to mind then other coins.

I have miners on the way and not sure yet what I will start with… I do have a Kadena minor coming that I hope does well.

I’m investigating about 60k in various miners but the biggest is 30k Kadena minor, CK5 and GPU minor… on paper I have about $140k of earnings a year in today’s market but I’m realistic and know that can go south overnight. Im hoping to cover my ROI within a year and then just hope to make a new Hobby worth while.

I’m new started with 1 2070 gpu making about $13 a week have 7500$ going to go for my first asic just don’t know if I want a kda miner or a A10 6g since the 5g won’t be profitable after may

I would go for ETH, and get as much as possible before it switches to proof of stake, and then stake everything I had mined…Get what you can while it is minable, and then use that to try and build good interest through staking.

That’s what I’m thinking I know I can’t afford the a11 the A10 6g just slightly over my price but the 5g won’t make it past may

I’ve got some old AntMiner l3+ that are running around 500-600MH, and they are still profitable. I mine on a site that autowitches to the most profitable coin, so it keeps older/slower machines profitable for a lot longer…but they pay in whatever coin you want.