What do you do with your mined coins?

I was wondering what other people did with what they earned from mining. Do you keep the coins and wait for them to increase in value before exchanging them for fiat? I am currently mining through HiveOS and Nicehash. I have one week worth of mining profits and I have also taken the $50 I earned staking 50 MCO with crypto.com and I am going to send that over to Kucoin and I havent decided if I am going to HODL KCS and collect the daily bonus and try to buy when its cheap and take profits after it runs up and buy back in when it dips. The other play I am considering is ADA I just know one day this coin will be worth at least $1 and the gains you would get goin from .05 cents USD to $1 could make you a pretty effing amazing gain. Also when i took out my $50 from the MCO stake the MCO had went up in value and I got $67 USD for it so I am going to be starting this experiment with about $80 later today after I get my final payment from Nicehash so I can start my wallet at 0 when the new day starts to make it easier to track my earnings.

I have decided to buy ADA with my $80 and then I have loaned it out on Kucoin for 28 days I will let you know how that goes.

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What to do with your mined coins? I CPU mine, HDD mine, GPU mine, and FPGA mine. Obviously I collect and HODL many coins. Those coins have changed over time as their VALUE and HASHRATE changes so add more coins to my holdings. What to do with them? I have a specific plan with a target date. That is I am saving to buy the absolute hottest video card out there early next year. I have used my current RTX-2070 to mine with and always wanted a better card. So, I will HODL the coins I have, STAKE those I can (to earn interest) and next year I will combine the aggregate coins and buy that GPU with them. I prefer not to speculate with OPTIONS, FUTURES, and SMART CONTRACTS. Afterwards, I will again HODL with a plan to add HARDWARE to increase my earnings rate being mindful of POWER consumption. Pretty Simple

you ready for the 3080 ti and the RX 6700 XT then lol

I mine Ethereum, Raven, and 0xMonero and hold them until the next bull run. Selling them now is throwing money away. You would have to be stupid.