What do you guys think of ipollo V1 mini ETH miner, 300Mh/s , 240w, 6G RAM

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This thing could be amazing but considering all the hype with the merge and rising DAG size I can’t bring myself to order it…


pretty sure you can get it cheaper direct from the manufacturer, but yeah, with the merge probably end of this year or next, unless eth explodes your gonna probably regret it.

Unless what you can mine between now and merge explodes and/or ETC mining can be worthwhile on it there just isn’t enough opportunity to justify the cost of investing in any ETH mining hardware.

It’ll be interesting to see how quickly and how much prices for ETH miners crash when the POS date is finally confirmed.

our price is actually better than the price manufacturer listed.

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its been confirmed and pushed off multiple times.

True. I guess I don’t consider it confirmed until we’re a month out and it hasn’t been delayed.

This is a good price for this miner atm.