What happened to Budacoin?

Remember when Vosk did a video on budacoin awhile back? Well, all traces of it have been deleted from the internet. Coinmarketcap doesn’t even track it anymore.

Was this a rug pull? Does anyone have any information?


It’s still being traded, kind of. Looks pretty dead though. And they took their web site down. I feel sorry for the suckers buying it. But lets get real , “BEP-20” . When they printed out a quadrillion tokens that means it was an AMM fix out of the gate. The rug pool was just a biproduct. The real scam came in the form of using these quadrillion tokens in the form of collateral to add adherent value to other more elaborate rug pulls.

Is there a website that lists previous rub pulls and/or crypto scams? Is there a site that rates coins based on the ability to rug pull?

Thanks for the info.

https://www.coinopsy.com/ But of course it’s right there in the name , “Coin”. You won’t find Pre-Minded/Pre-Minted scam “Tokens” on Coinopsy as tokens are not real crypto. They are just files than have been copy and pasted then given a unique identifier.
And for the record. Yeah, I do feel that way. My New Years resolution is to call out any ERC scam tokens at any chance I get, including ETH. They are scams that in no way fits into Satoshi’s Vision. A “blockchain network” would be better served on a MYSQL Microsoft server than to pretend to be a Blockchain as Satoshi invented.
So Yeah… Coins have integrity so they have web sites and records to track. ERC/BEP know they are a trash scams and have no standards or requirements (outside of $325 dollars to “”“print”"" your tokens) so they have no records. No company (who has integrity) would even classify or treat them as such. A S.O.P. for crypto is to make a bitcointalk.org account and a github page. But since tokens are trash, they do neither. They don’t need a github since they are piggybacking any/all erc tech and they know better to bring their pre-minded token trash around real miners on bitcointalk.

Now I could say, “Check the blockchain for token history” but ERC deletes and alters their blockchain so it is no longer true and never will be. So looking at a fictional story to find facts is a waste of time.

Satoshi’s Vision- Freedom for man kind.
ERC-“hey, lets make our own US Federal Reserve”

Sorry If I went off the rails complaining about how bad a scam ERC is.

Coinopsy and bitcointalk.org

It got Smoked :fire:

I just hope budacoin is not just another rugpull…Although nothing has been heard about him lately, so I think that buying budacoin is a simple waste of money