What happened to LBC today?

Profitability on my LB-Box went from $1.20 to $0.02 in one day.

I’ve been looking at getting a goldshell lb box. I did some googling and haven’t found a reason yet why it dropped. I will be watching this though as I was close to making a purchase.

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Which pool? I had to turn off my LB-BOX at about 5pm EST for PSU to go for warranty service. I’m on litecoinpool but show earnings up until that time (considering they are 6 hours ahead of where I am).

Yea it was a strange drop. I like the project and hope it does well eventually. I actually bought this one because it was a Goldshell Halloween buy and thought it may have some cool unique graphic on it but sadly it’s plain. Also there was a “free gift” and that just turned out to be a pair of socks and Bitcoin stickers.
It was a spur of the moment thing that I kind of regretted - and may just sell it eventually to fund another KD or ST box.

SEC maybe?

The SEC thing was from the spring (March?). I couldn’t find anything recent. And LBC didn’t drop either, just the profit listed at asicminervalue. It’s still mining about the same LBC too - so maybe it’s just a problem on asicminervalue’ s end…

Mining to DXpool but still mining about the same LBC (about 34-36) so - who knows…. probably just a problem on asicminervalue’ s end.

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I’ve noticed the numbers on asicminervalue.com have been off too.