What if the SEC starts to regulate most Crypto Projects as securities?

What if the SEC starts to regulate most Crypto Projects as securities?

The precedent has been set from the LBRY case… I don’t see how the majority of crypto projects won’t also meet the SEC’s definition of a security…

Any Crypto project you invest in, you have to consider if they would be able to survive if the SEC treats them like a security… otherwise they be toast due to regulation that are coming…

What are other thoughts?

Tokens Vs. Coins.
Tokens can be what ever your government wants them to be since they are printed all at once and are valueless upon creation. Coins on the other hand are produced globally so any one nation would be overstepping if they tried to regulate.

This is why there is a giant anti-PoW push going on. Governments can’t regulate PoW Coins, they have no legal authority. But add a node in a geographical location and now, that government can regulate those tokenized securities.

Bitcoin was not made to pay taxes with, in fact the exact opposite. I don’t need some commi politician breathing down my neck monitoring my expenses.
If I want a valueless token, I’ll by stocks or bonds backed by a nation.

Look at all the token scams and defi bullshhh going on, that’s what governments brings, shenanigans pretty much. When crypto starts to look like your governments economy … you might have invested in Tokens.


Excellent explanation

This is VERY true let’s just hope they don’t ban crypto or something crazy like that