What is a good price for an L3+ in the current market

Does anyone know what the current price is for an L3+?

900 or less without shipping with new apw7 is a good price

Thanks for the info!

Been seeing them for around 1200 refurbished including shipping

refurb is a case and cables @NachLibre, should barely touch 1k all in

With current prices I wouldn’t touch for less than 750 shipped. There’s alot of headwinds to get an L3 back to profitablity. The LT6 and L7 will be shipping soon increasing the difficulty and reducing rewards. These machines are already 4-5 years old. How much longer do you expect them to last?

At a residential rate of 0.12/kWh, current profits are 1.53$/day mining LTC. Even if you think that the coin price increases and the network has increases at an equivalent rate, it would take 491 days to ROI at 750. If the miner makes it that long you’d accrue 10-12 LTC estimating network difficulty changes. For 900 shipped it would be 589 days for ROI


Problem is finding a reseller to trust at that price.